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ZKSpace is welcoming its second birthday! During these two years, we've been committed to the cutting-edge research of ZK-Rollups, and providing users with high-speed, low-cost, and high-security Layer2 full-featured products and services. With evident achievements in the past, we will carry on with our original intention and forge ahead in the future. To thank all our users for their support, we are launching a two-year anniversary carnival where everyone who participates will receive a prize!

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Number of people0

Task Cards

Complete one Swap and one Add Liquidity.

Collect NFT for 100 ZKS basic prize.


Complete three Send and one Batch Send (to at least 2 people).

Collect NFT for 100 ZKS basic prize.


Complete one Mint NFT & one Buy NFT.

Collect NFT for 200 ZKS basic prize.


Register and possess one ZNS name.

Collect NFT for 200 ZKS basic prize.


Complete one Eco Deposit or Deposit.

Collect NFT for 200 ZKS basic prize.

L2 Wallet


Jan 4

Economy Whitepaper Released

Jan 6

Initial Liquidity of 40M ZKS Added to Uniswap & Gate.io

Feb 7

Mainnet Security Audit by SlowMist, Certik and ABDK Passed

Feb 14

V1 Mainnet Live on Ethereum with 60x User Growth 48hrs After Launch

Feb 17

First Round of Proof of Gas Mining and Proof of Staking Mining Revealed

Mar 6

Proof of Liquidity Mining / Proof of TransFee Mining Revealed

Mar 22

100% Tech Upgrade to ZKRollup

Apr 15

TVL Up to $1.7B Two Months After Mainnet Launch

Apr 28

APP Beta (iOS & Android) Launched

Apr 29

7M+ Community Governance Token Issued

Apr 30

397K+ ZKS Burnt for the First Time

May 28

Joined DeFi Alliance Accelerator Program

June 23

V2 Testnet Launched, Featuring Unlimited Token Listing

Sep 22

Whitepaper Released

Nov 17

V1 Testnet Live on the Ethereum Ropsten Network

Nov 27

60K+ Users from 90+ Countries; Joined the 1.6M ZKS Testnet

Jan 28

Eco Deposit feature released

Feb 13

2022 ZKSpace Carnival: 1-Year Anniversary Event

Feb 20

Proof-of-Staking mining event started

Feb 21

NFT mining campaign started

Mar 1

Fast Withdraw feature released

Apr 14

ZKSpace mobile App for Android and iOS released

Apr 18

Easter Egg Hunt event started

Apr 27

Partnered with Orbiter for cross-rollup transfer

Apr 28

New Fee Structure introduced

May 9

ZKSquare and Batch Transfer launched

May 11

Pizza Day event started

May 18

Partnership with Football Superstar James Rodríguez

Jul 4

Fiat Deposit via Banxa available

Aug 15

James Rodríguez NFT sale in mystery box and auction

Aug 26

Integrated Layerswap for CEX-ZKSpace deposit

Sep 1

Layer 2 domain service ZNS released

Oct 21

ZKSpace Football Metaverse opened

Nov 29

ZKSwap V2 service stopped

Dec 31

ZKSpace Christmas event started

ZKSpace Layer-2 FOR ALL

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